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Live stacking with Siril and Ekos

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Nothing really new here, i just want to share my attempt to put things together.

I don't know if people here use Siril :
Hot here in France :
A free astronomical image processing software"

This version introduced a new feature : scripting !
More : Siril scripts can be called inside a shell script.
See where i'm going ?

I've tried the dirty way (my way...), and it works quite well :
Create an Ekos sequence (200 exp x1s for example)
This sequence is calling a script after each frame
Shell script makes a few operations to copy/rename the image wich was taken
Then it calls Siril to make allignement between previous result and current frame
And finally Siril stacks "previous result" and "current frame" (only "sum" operation can be taken this way...)
This is giving "current result", wich will be available for next iteration.
This "current result" is converted "on the go" to be viewed by any imaging software (i've used jpeg with "Eye Of Mate", wich reloads picture each time it is replaced by a new version.

here is my quick and dirty script, many things to say but it works :
#recherche du nombre d'images dispo
NB=$(find ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/*.fits -maxdepth 1 -type f | wc -l)
if   [ $NB = "1" ] #première image, on se contente de renommer
mv ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Light_001.fits ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main_001.fits #>> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
elif [ $NB = "2" ]  #seconde image, on se contente de renommer
mv ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Light_001.fits ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main_002.fits #>> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
siril -s ~/ekos/live/live.ssf -d ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance   #>> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
rm ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main_001.fits >> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
rm ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main_002.fits >> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
rm ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/*.seq >> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
mv ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main_stacked.fits ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main_001.fits >> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
rm ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/r_Main*.fits >> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
#rm ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main.png >> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
convert -flatten ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main_001.fits ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main.jpeg >> ~/ekos/live/log.txt
cp ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/Main.jpeg ~/ekos/live/Light/Luminance/live.jpeg
echo "OVERFLOW" >> ~/ekos/live/log.txt

And the Siril script, very simple :
setext fits
#register Main_
#stack r_Main_ sum -nonorm
stack Main_ sum -nonorm
(alignment is commented here for tests purpose)

you can see this in action here, with real stars (in french) :

At the moment, i'm trying to manage colors, as my fits->jpg conversion looses them.
About performance :
With Stellarmate fresh install on RPi3, onto wich i've added Siril install,
Siril calls are short enought to produce a new image every second
(at least with my ASI224MC)

Voilà !
It's just a first step, i'm sure there are many ways to do much better :
My script is very uggly.
I've seen that a Python script could watch a folder for new files :
This way, it wouldn't be necessary to call a script in Ekos...
Siril can do much more :
if DOF are taken before, each frame could be preprocessed before stacking, this would be really nice !

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I used Siril a while ago and it's quite good, I got good results back then.
Do think that stacking should be be a feature in Ekos/Kstars, that would be a great addition.

Thanks Gilles for sharing your work.
Kstars macOS
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well... of course !
I've seen it on new webcam driver, very nice
(too bad it's not available for 16.04 to use it with Raspberry Camera...)

Doing that with Siril might be overkill, but i also like it that way :
Each layer doign its own job.

BTW, who can help me to make a simple python script to display RGB fits ?
I've tried with astropy, but i'm lost...
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