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knro wrote: I found the issue and it was a regression for some scheduler updates that were done before. It's fixed in GIT.

Is this issue fixed in the nightly ppa ?


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In Kstars, for quite some time now, I've noticed that when I want to add sources in HIPS All Sky Overlay, the Apply button remains disabled. Has anyone else noticed this and is there any chance that this feature will be available again soon?


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I just upgraded Ubuntu to 18.04, I noticed that the language support does not work well in Kstars. Unlike version 16.04, switch application language only offers one language (us english). However, language-pack-kde-fr is installed, but French does not appear in the list. On the other hand, some translations appear here and there in the application,but relatively much less than before.

Version Ubuntu 18.04.1 64 bits. Kstars 2.9.8, Build: 2018-08-18T06:12:27Z

Subsidiary question: how can we contribute to the linguistic support of Kstars/Ekos?


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Salut !
Same issue here. I have tested with different cameras, different calibration settings, I get the same result, as shown in the attached video


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Step-by-step cooling of a CCD camera is a fairly common theory among French astrophotographers, who believe that too rapid cooling could cause damage to the CCD sensor. Since this idea is supported by a few big names in the French-speaking astro community, it has become a basic rule. I'm quite divided; when I think about it, I apply steps for cooling, but when I don't think about it, well, not much serious happens. I've browsed a lot of foreign forums, I haven't read this cooling method elsewhere. A colleague of mine applies the following rule: he drops the temperature by 5°, he waits 5 minutes. And so on, to reach -15°. His photos are superb; but is his cooling method essential? I'm not totally convinced... Otherwise, there must be a way to make a script to automate the method.


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Hi !
This behavior just came back... In Ekos, when I want to open/load/save in a folder, I get the following message: Connection to INDI host at localhost on port 7624 lost. Server disconnected.
The only way I found to avoid the problem: BEFORE running an EKOS session, go to configure Kstars, the INDI tab, click on a folder icon (INDI drivers directory for example), cancel. And then I can launch EKOS without any problem. But it's to do with every Kstars launch.
I'm on 64-bit Ubuntu Xenial, gnome-shell


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I sometimes go to to upload images from my archives. I would like to be able to identify their exact position, field, etc. I thus have old photos taken with a film camera, I did not keep any notes on the shooting. The site is very useful for that, but sometimes it is slow or inaccessible. I thought it would be nice to be able to do the same thing via kstars and the fits viewer, with the offline mode for example. Perhaps then the fits viewer should be able to read jpg images, tiff, etc... But maybe it's a lot of work for a non-essential functionality.


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Hello, I have a little suggestion to add to the wish list. I'm impressed with the Ekos alignment module, with, in online or offline mode. What would be great is to be able to use directly in the fits viewer, without using EKOS. What do you think of this?


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xsnrg wrote: I use a 1600MM Pro with the latest INDI drivers without any issue. If you are not seeing it cool, I would suspect a hardware problem such as the temperature probe in the camera. You said you see the power increase, so that seems that the cooler itself may be working, but without the temperature probe giving you a temperature, you won't know. ASI does a good job of standing behind their products, so a repair/replace should not be an issue. Just not fun being down for a bit.

Later you said "it is working now". Was this just for the logging?

Sadly, just the logging... :(
The temperature sensor seems to be working: it indicated 2°C last night outside, 22°C this morning in the living room.