Just imagine if every sw change went as smooth as this, it’s fantastic - thanks Jasem! :)


Hi, first post - I was introduced to the stellarmate/kstars/indi world by a fellow Pentaxian :)
I have a Pentax K-70, but it could be any camera, I had it included in the libgphoto2 a couple of days ago and I’ve been trying to make it work with kstars/Indi by compiling and installing it on my Pi3 by downloading the libgphoto2 repository.
But it doesn’t work (gphoto2 & libgphoto2 version is updated to newest after compiling and installing it , but the camera is not detected), I could try and build Indi. but I could go on forever without getting everything right with all the dependencies.
Will I have to wait for a new version of Indi, or does anyone have a bullitproof procedure to have everything updated correctly? Kstars/Indi/Ekos/gphoto2/libgphoto2 all installed on my Pi3 via Stellarmate OS on one SD card and Ubuntu Mate on another.



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