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Hi astronerd, i just use this, it works like a charm. I just upgraded mu compute stick today and everything works!!!


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Hi all, i have a suggestion.

I understand this is an Indi/kstars/ekos development site, but why not spice it up a little.

I have been involved with this excellent project for a while now. And the whole program has come a long way and i think it is the premier astronomy hardware control package around.

But what is missing is what the package has set out to do, produce images. I know some people post some images, and i understand this forum is just for development, but i reckon a little competition will make it better. How about a say monthly (or quarterly or what ever) competition where members can submit one of their images, and Indi members can vote for their favorite image.

What's a competition without rules hey, so here are some to start the process with:

1. All images (obviously) must be taken using Indilib. This would be the only prerequisite.
2. All images must be submitted by a certain time , to make it fair for all. Something like the last Sunday of the month at a specified UTM so everyone around the world can submit their image by that time to make things fair.
3. All the images submitted are maximum size so not to overload the site, so say 1 or 2 meg max. If this happens the developers can decide on the size.

Then people can vote for their favorite image and the winning image can be announced 2 or 3 weeks later. and the winner can have their name and image in flashing lights on the indi website. And who knows, others around the world will see how good this thing is and use it as well.

No prizes or anything, just for fun. Because that's why we do this hobby. We will be able to see the sorts of images being produced by people around the world using this great piece of software.

Anyways, this is just a suggestion which i think will be fun.

regards all


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Hi headgeek,

I would start by looking here:

It will give you an idea of what DSLR's/mirrorless cameras are supported by gphoto.

Plus search through all the indi forums to see what others are using.

I use a Canon 550D, but any of the lower end Canons work with gphoto and are pretty light. Perfect to start with.



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excellent feature. looking forward to trying it out.


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As ihoujin and i have said, a simple script will also do the job. I don't know if it is a bug, that is a question for the developers.

I had similar issues as you and fixed it with the script.

Check out this thread

it may help.


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Why not just write a python script which populates GPS time after boot. Then when you start kstars, the time is correct.


I'm running an Intel compute stick amd64 SOC running full Ubuntu 16.04lts desktop. So doing a
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade does everything.

My Asus tinker board in armh and as you say the kernel is not upgraded very often.


Hi all yep I think wouter had hit it on the head. A few weeks ago I did an update to Ubuntu and all of a sudden usb3 worked.

Another update 4 days ago and usb3 is shot again. Usb2 still works.

Only problem is how does one update anything without breaking something.