Sorry I can't answer your question directly, I'm not sure what is going on there.

I haven't tried this in over a year, but there's a chance it might work for you if you'd like to try this installer script. At a minimum it shows the steps Rob used to obtain GSC in his scripts.


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I think I can only help on one issue. The positions are reported to be east of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), UTC +0 meridian, so you can convert that value to deg W by 360 - 275 = 85


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You can sort of do that yourself, by renaming your Primary train to a name that includes extra info e.g. "Primary Celestron Esprit 120 Man Filter FCube Nikon"


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Thanks Gilles and Thomas for the feedback, much appreciated.

I think I'll try the MeLE Quieter 3C, but still trying to figure out how to power it from my PegasusAstro PowerBoxAdv which provides 12V output via 5.5/2.1 mm male connectors.

Thomas - which 12V to USB-C cable did you get?
I was thinking this would work. shop.allnetchina.cn/products/dc-5-5-2-1m...t-to-usb-c-converter


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I thought I'd start a new thread to remove this from battery selection (somewhat).

I've been sitting on the fence on getting a fanless MeLE Quieter3Q, as heat issues aren't that significant in Canada :)

I wondered about powering the Quieter 3Q from my Pegasus PPBa and asked about it on amazon. Here is their response:

If i have a separate astronomy power supply unit supplying 12 v at 2 a, can i power this quieter3q via a usb-c cable from this unit?.

Answers to your question

"hi,thank you so muc for your inquiry, MeLE Quieter3Q has two version, the version before August does not USB-C PD3.0, with the high demands on usb pd3.0, the newer version after August supports PD3.0. Now the two batches are mixed on our stock, we are not sure which version will arrive. MeLE Quieter3Q needs power supply in 12V 2A in thoery, it should work with astronomy power supply unit supplying 12 v at 2 a, but if it fails to power on,must be related to the PD protocol. if you must connect the mini pc with a third part power supply,we suggest you purchase MeLE Quieter,which we can confirm its usb-c port support PD 3.0, video display and data trasmit."

So with the loss of 1 usb port, I'm now contemplating the 3C. With the PPBa, I would end up with 8 ports which what I need, given I could skip the USB wifi stick my Odroid-N2 requires. (camera, guide camera, mount, gps, focuser, PPBa 2 ports, external SSD).
That leaves the USB-C port (front left) unused, as I'm not sure that anything I have could negotiate the PD power request.

Geekbench results suggest the N5105 is about 2x that of my Odroid-N2 (but more expensive).
I would, like others here, add Ubuntu (on an internal boot SSD).

So is choosing the 3C is as good a choice as the 3Q?


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So I just did a
sudo apt-get -y install ekos-debugger
sudo apt-get -y install gdb

and chose the stable release and then my latest compile from source (as in my previous post) to launch in ekosdebugger. Both launched without a problem.
After that, launching them without using the debugger also worked (the find Function wokred).

Not sure what the installs tweaked, but something was kicked into working.



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It crashes for me too, either 3.6.1 stable or the latest 3.6.2 beta Build: 2022-11-12T19:43:35Z. on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

I'll see if I can produce a debug output.


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I have not tried this recently and don't know if this will help, but here is a script that, in theory, installs the General Star Catalog.


This script is extracted from Rob Lancaste's excellent AstroPi3 script github.com/rlancaste/AstroPi3/blob/master/setupDebianSBC.sh

chmod +x installgsc.sh to make it executable
then run ./installgsc.sh from the the directory in which it resides.
requires a relogin/reboot to ensure the environmental variable GSCDAT in /etc/profile is read


opening that fits file with kstars with the fits viewer works without any problem?


This may help (or not)...
I have a git repository for a shell script to clone and build Kstars/indi from their respective source-code git repositories. It does not install the resultant binary, so that you can continue to have both an "official" version and this version from nightly source code (launched from it's own directory).

This was based off of information kindly provided by Hy Murveit earlier on the forum.
Please see the github repository for more information...

The script may be executed with one of these parameter options:
all - run everything
dependencies - install the dependencies
clone - clone the repositories
update - update the repositories \(git pull\)
stellarsolver - clone and install stellarsolver
indicore - compile and install indi-core
indi3rdpartylibs - compile and install indi-3rdparty-libs
indi3rdparty - compile and install indi-3rdparty
kstars - compile kstars
help - describe the parmeter options (sic).


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Hi, This may not be relevant to your issue, but for me when I capture in RAW and save in .FITS with my Z7, I have no problems (this has worked for me for a few years now).

Doesn't appear to be an issue in your screen captures, but check to make sure that the max width and max height of the camera in the driver are correct. Occasionally when starting from scratch indi seems to pick up the max screen size (which is beyond the normal capture frame size) as what it thinks the values should be (for the Z7 the normal values are 8256 x 5504).