Hi all

I'm seeing this popup message once kstars starts up

Any ideas on where this stems from?

Never seen this before until today

FYI: kstars works as otherwise expected though, connecting to my devices and able to capture images

By the way, when I went to look at the kstars logs to see if there might me any logging for the issue, I noticed that the logs directory did not appear to exist so, I've now created one here :

I've looked at the ekoslive, indi, web manager, network manager, device manager and boot logs through the stellarmate control panel and nothing jumps out as being an issue there

Raspberry Pi 4
4 Gig
Stellarmate 1.5.1


So, it turns out the the GBRG bayer pattern setting is just fine for my camera (Canon 600D)

I was just foxed by the screen capture here which seems to show an RGGB bayer pattern for the exact same camera

Stacking my subs with a GBRG bayer pattern setting turns out just fine :)



I'm running Stellarmate on an Raspberry Pi 4 (v1.5.1)

I'm imaging with a Canon 600D DSLR for which I believe the bayer pattern is RGGB

I notice in the camera settings in ekos, that the bayer pattern appears to be set to GBRG
So I "set" the pattern to RGGB and then "save" the camera configuration.

Each time an exposure is taken I observe that the bayer setting reverts back to GBRG
The FITS header for the image also shows GBRG

Is there a way for me to set the bayer pattern to RGGB and have that setting persist?

Screen captures below for reference


Hi Magnus

So what dithering settings did you settle on in the end?
FWIW, below are the dither settings that I currently have


Once you've burnt the 1.5.0 image to an SD card and have that card up and running in your device then open a terminal session and enter:

sudo apt update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

to pull down the latest build


Acapulco Rolf replied to the topic 'Save Ekos Profile' in the forum. 4 years ago

Nice script

I took a look at the script source and included an alternate menu dialog which seems to work to overcome the challenge you observed

Modified script attached here for reference

For reference:
I observed that there were five items that your script looks for to make copies of
In my v1.5.0 Stellarmate build these 5 items did not exist:

'/home/stellarmate/.local/share/kstars/mycitydb.sqlite': No such file or directory
'/home/stellarmate/.config/pluma*': No such file or directory
'/home/stellarmate/.config/session*': No such file or directory
'/home/stellarmate/.local/share/kstars/wishlist.obslist': No such file or directory
'/home/stellarmate/.config/caja*': No such file or directory

Otherwise the script does appear to work as advertised to copy and zip the Stellarmate files that it finds :)

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